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  • Sanjaya Hasthak

Decision Making & Performance Paradigms - Business (un)Usual

We are, by now, merrily familiar with seemingly-intelligent data model driven decision support systems incorporating fancied outputs of dynamic simulation, predictive modeling, heuristic evaluation & gaming analytics - to make your case!

For the differently enabled, this has meant immersing in quantitative numerical spreadsheets! With the proliferation of light applications, powerful networks and super-smart devices, it is only a matter of short time before all of that is made available at our fingertips for general purpose consumption and easy-peasy deployment!

And, in the VUCA world, there are certain home truths with regard to businesses as we need - which are imperative and define every single action taken in the direction of whatever objectives may have been driven :

  1. To deal and revel in the grey zones of data premises

  2. Not to get intimidated by chaos and piece the various premises together

  3. Taking a call and undertake decisive actions not excessively bothered by populist choices; Follow-up resolutely, what you believe in

  4. Decide even if you are unable to see the full view of possibilities

  5. Relying on hunch and the clichéd gut-feel as much as anything else - allowing intuition to play out and training that hazy thing to work better each time you exercise it

  6. Making compromises is part of the options configured to achieve what you wanted; dealing with conflicts squarely in the face of consequences you choose; grappling with differing opinions and opposing choices

  7. Being sensitive to larger objectives and specific values which are innate to each person; Seeing each person's identity therein is as important to the goal itself

  8. Collaborating and mobilising people/partners is integral to any success

  9. Being reliable is more valued; Punctuality does not figure as the biggest virtue

  10. Rushing into performance demonstration is not as good as slowly trudging your way through progress which brings definitively sustained results

  11. Learn to allow-make champions around you - cant always get people & situations, readymade to take up everything

The above are not taught in execution and will eclipse everything else if not present in good measure. And, all businesses are very much a derivative of these traits - even if subconsciously entertained. Now, take these realities with the defined mantras portrayed all along - to earnestly make the best chances of your success in any adopted field.

SBS Dimensions - India

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