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Electric Vehicle Charging (EVC) Experience


Commercial & Residential Use


Tenanted/Owned Car Parks

Metered Services

(Pay-Per-Use & Invoiced)

Smart Charging

Global Industry Leadership

AC & DC Chargers

Award Winning

USA & EU Deployments

Extensive Global Presence 

Compatibility With EV Standards

OCA - Open Charge Point Protocol

Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment / System (EVSE) - Codes, Rating Systems & Standards

Indoor & Outdoor Deployment

Appropriate IP Rating

Versatile In Use

Modular Build

Robust Power Management

Integrated Payment Solutions

Open / Closed Billing

Ready Deployment

Being Used Worldwide

Pricing & Invoicing Options

Easy & Convenient

Customized Deployment

Easy To Use With Robust App

Electrical Safety Implementation

Low Maintenance

Real-Time Control

Dynamic Load Balancing

Monitoring & Management

Reporting & Administration

User Interface & App Control

Operating Designs

Solar Power & Street-Lighting

Aesthetic & Consumer Driven

Wide User Choice/Options


Complete Infrastructure

Electrical Design & Execution

Complete Solution Responsibility

3rd Party Inclusions & Integration

Continuous Support & Maintenance

Electrical Protection & Accessories


Complete EV Infrastructure - SMART Solutions & Services

Transparency in Total Cost of Ownership

Great User Interface

Robust User Administration/Management

Simple Setup & Low on Maintenance

High Reliability & Well Managed for Long Use

Convenient, Configurable & Flexible to Use

Superior Performance

Genuine Investment Protection

Technology  -  Products/Solutions  -  Consulting for Renewable Energy Solutions


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