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PANORAMA - India : Fighting Odds & Making Legacy (Interview Series)

SBSD - PANORAMA (Interview Series)

We will be presenting a series of interviews with accomplished individuals in the society – of eminent & recognized professionals in various areas, who have achieved substantial milestones in their journey of occupation. We will talk to them from across all fields/verticals of work areas – including in business.

Each of these interviews will be based on a Theme of specific interest & relevance to all of us.

This series is on "Fighting Odds & Making Legacy"

I will be talking to persons who have worked their way to where they are today – and have made a big impact to the Society – and bring forth - authentic details of their journey which will be of use to everyone – to connect and relate!

Every accomplished person & those who have made a huge contribution to society – have gone through a lot of ups & downs, successes & failures, fears, uncertainties & doubts – AND – not to mention the challenges/difficulties they faced before reaching where they are.

This is true for all of us. However, these specific individuals have managed to be where they are – overcoming all those odds and have created a legacy… What is it? How did it come about? What is the legacy each one of them sees and how does it sustain?

I will be talking to many beautiful minds in this series. Lets explore the thoughts & experiences, in what their journey has been – and, which many of us can connect with.

These interviews will present an authentic and true journey of impact.

It’s a lovely world we live in and with amazing possibilities. We need to embrace it and live the moment with all genuine intent and serve the purpose taken by each one of us, in honesty.

My thanks to Chandrashekar for helping us to make this film & to guide the technicals of it.

Thanks to the professional team of SILLY MONKS Entertainment, as our Digital & Marketing Partner.

All PANORAMA interviews are available on the dedicated YouTube channel : @Panorama-India.

PANORAMA (Interview Series) with SANJAYA HASTHAK


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