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10 Challenges with Conventional & Legacy Setups - The Old World of "Home Automation"​ :

Constraints & issues that are largely overcome by the new generation of Residential IoT Solutions (RIoTS)

  1. Mostly wired or with small wireless extensions; Uses specific switches/boards/panels, wiring & other numerous expensive complex hardware/accessories as pre-requisite from specific vendors only

  2. Is cumbersome, takes a lot of space & requires massive upkeep-arrangement

  3. Mostly, does NOT get you any good user interface & is NOT at all user driven

  4. NOT amenable for any changes or user requirement amendments, any time after installation-setup

  5. Requires a proprietary-trained specialist or a vendor technician only, to look into anything therein – even for a small support requirement! You are locked & dependent on one vendor / service provider for the rest of its lifetime, for any connect!

  6. Mostly does NOT evolve-upgrade-update-integrate-transform into anything further-on, in its lifespan; Is a one-time & boxed setup which is very much like your brick/mortar/pvc/sand/marble/steel used in building the house!

  7. Legacy leaders can be very expensive with huge ongoing/running bills for – user fees, subscription charges, upgrade costs (if any!) and almost always requires you to keep adding sizeable hardware-software costs for any number of connectors/accessories/extensions/enhancements

  8. Mostly requires extensive planning-preparation at an early stage of construction & finishes of the building – else, will result in undesirable cutting-fitting-plastering-rewiring-alteration which can be aesthetically unacceptable (many times, NOT possible too!)

  9. Takes a huge lot of uncertain time-efforts for installation, implementation & getting it to go-live

  10. Cant integrate anything much, at your own will, with most of the new developments coming our way in Consumer Technology offerings; Generally, NOT amenable to adopt new technologies & innovation

(SBS Dimensions - India)


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