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Digital Experience - Customer Commitment Pillars

Digital Freedom :

  • As much as you need/want and in any increment of use - whenever and at any time of your intent

  • Extensive access to applications & use cases which are commonly in deployment

  • Self-driven, self-managed & self-administered by Consumers

Digital Choice :

  • Large number of options to design-implement your functional requirement

  • Maximum customization & extensive personalization capabilities

  • Robust apps with plugins through a wide ecosystem of devices / use-points from varied suppliers

Digital Independence :

  • No subscription / No user fees & its complications

  • No annual payouts / No upgrade fees - with zero conditional ownership or such obligatory usage

  • No promotion or tagging of specific/proprietary specialists to widen expense flows

Digital Dreams :

  • Great User Interface - friendly, intuitive & simple : allowing Users to explore possibilities

  • Connected devices evolve, upgrade, update & grow - OTA, regularly through lifetime of use

  • Free+extensive ONLINE access to worldwide user groups, intl support & multi-media information

And most times, the assurances of such digital experience happiness may be achieved whilst working with industry leading solutions from product offerings which are available GLOBALLY and developed with adherence to widely available standards / protocols / practices. In other words - GLOBAL LEADERS in technology & implemented-managed-personalized by users, everywhere.

(Sanjaya Hasthak)


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