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  • Sanjaya Hasthak

RIoTS - Paradigm Shift in the New Age of Smart Homes

Smart Homes of New Age
Paradigm Shift - RIoTS
  1. Fantastic Apps & digital assistants with smart display / voice enablement across all platforms, simultaneously across all platforms - achieved easily by the consumer/user without any complexity of connection or coding

  2. Need for quick & predictable outcomes in smart control; They are fully customized & personalised (user driven!) with any number of changes possible, at all times in its lifetime of use!

  3. It is not about wiring and making new switch arrangements; In fact, 'automation' is only a small part of everything that you put technology to good use for... Smart Appliances are fast getting into the retail market of consumer durables - RIoTS based Smart Home platform is the definitive way to fully & easily include/integrate them into your new age setup

  4. Cost of the new age of Smart Homes using residential IoT is not based on the size (sq ft) of house

  5. Modular implementation lets you pay incrementally for that unit & at the time when you choose to connect; A detailed implementation is key to successful utilisation & any installation is most easy & a breeze, almost always!

  6. Tablet PC / smartphone is with you & other members of family, most of the time & throughout the house; Expect it to be completely user driven and with a great user interface for the entire household

  7. Information, references, help & user groups are available in the public domain (online) - free of cost

  8. Smart Home setup of RIoTS evolves & grows ever so often, automatically or most times in the background - through necessary alliance/ecosystem collaboration (its not like brick & mortar of a house!)

  9. Most of the RIoTS devices & applications should not require any annual maintenance contract/expenses (except for battery based devices) - just like most consumer durables / electronics used at home; Most of the time, you have a great degree of freedom & choice in managing them for appropriate deployment/use

  10. It is globally available and globally used with continuous product improvements/evolution, many of which find their way into the setup you have (as mentioned in #8), usually for no additional effort or cost

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