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  • Sanjaya Hasthak

25 Areas of Concern in Sales Management

It is easy to characterize the insecurities of #Salesperson.. lesser discussed are that of #SalesManagement & #SalesManager – which beset #professionals in their work & businesses in the results:

  1. Loss of #Business which is not accounted/recorded/identified

  2. What & who exactly got the business, which did come through?

  3. Veracity of #Data-info being given/projected

  4. Actionable items to work with priority

  5. Influencers/parameters of #Customer which are not in control/check

  6. Getting Salesperson to use right messages & delivering them as needed in every opportunity

  7. Influences on Salespersons which dilutes their effect

  8. Getting Salesperson to take right decisions/initiatives in being able to push Customers when needed

  9. Get Salespersons that are able to work magic as some others seem to

  10. Bringing more #Prospects of similar profile as the Customers who are identified/committed

  11. Build Salespersons abilities to get/develop the pricing & positioning as planned

  12. Specific input on advertising/promotion effort efficiency to draw returns?

  13. How to increase #Sales #Efficiency from the team to predictable plans?

  14. Efforts & energies which create better customer experience to sustain sales velocity

  15. What are the definitive metrics in #Marketing and sales opportunities which can be got hold of?

  16. Are Salespersons #Selling or the product/solution selling more?

  17. Customer expectation/requirement to match offerings (What with all the studies/reports…)

  18. What would another Sales #Manager do in this place?

  19. View on #Competitor's viewpoints/action-strategies & alternatives to work

  20. How to put a positive spin from opportunities lost or weakened in reports?

  21. What is the quickest and easiest way to increase revenues?

  22. Building the #work rhythm which doesn’t need constant monitoring

  23. Lack of visibility and black spots in all that is happening in Sales

  24. Conviction not getting propagated or shared by everyone - especially by Customers

  25. Where is all this leading to and how will it end in the desired scope of results?

Most of them are addressable and have origins in a different scope which needs to be accomplished as part of the business development.

It is important to deal with all of them without holding back – to ensure the Sales Engine is managed for the business & its stakeholders, with planned objectives.


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