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  • Sanjaya Hasthak


Everyone suffers from this, in business!

Not just the salesperson, sales manager, marketing person, business owner/promoter/stakeholder... Your colleagues, support staff & the customer/buyer (yes!) also get affected by certain forms of Sales Anxiety.

Don't forget that the families of salespersons also manage the effects of this inevitable outcome of Selling and hence can have much larger effect in addressing it, across our society.

There are several forms of Sales Anxiety and you need to be aware of :

  • Communication anxiety

  • Convincing anxiety

  • Judgement anxiety

  • Performance anxiety

  • Discussion anxiety

  • Information anxiety

  • Price anxiety

  • Peer anxiety

Here are a few pointers which may be useful in working with Sales Anxiety - which has untold impact on businesses, everywhere :

  1. It is a natural outcome and don't try to beat it in a hurry or brush it away

  2. Everyone does not react in the same way

  3. Sales Anxiety, in control - leads to a measured approach

  4. Consciously addressing it will start leading to Sales Efficiency

  5. Don't create-display new habits to mask your Sales Anxieties

  6. Acknowledgement/expression of Sales Anxiety leads to greater grip in your engagements

  7. Dont let your Sales Anxieties define the Selling-Buying

  8. Assisting others to assuage their Sales Anxieties will help you to manage yours!

For any support or more information to work with this - in your business, write to :

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