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Everyone suffers from this, in business!

Not just the salesperson, sales manager, marketing person, business owner/promoter/stakeholder...

Your colleagues, support staff & the customer/buyer (yes!) also get affected by certain forms of Sales Anxiety.

Don't forget that families of Salespersons also manage the effects of this inevitable outcome of Selling as a profession & hence can have much larger effect in addressing it, across our society.

There are several forms of Sales Anxiety and you need to be aware of :

  • Communication anxiety

  • Convincing anxiety

  • Judgement anxiety

  • Performance anxiety

  • Discussion anxiety

  • Information anxiety

  • Price anxiety

  • Peer anxiety

Here are a few pointers which may be useful in working with Sales Anxiety - which has untold impact on businesses, everywhere :

  1. It is a natural outcome and don't try to beat it in a hurry or brush it away

  2. Everyone does not react in the same way - keep refreshing this thought

  3. Sales Anxiety, in control - is NOT really a bad thing for anyone

  4. Don't create new habits/displays to mask your Sales Anxieties

  5. Don't let your Sales Anxieties define the Selling-Buying in a Customer Engagement Experience

  6. Identifying-Assisting others to assuage their Sales Anxieties, will help you to manage yours!

For any support or more information to work with this - in your business, write to :


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