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Hiring for Sales - First Steps

You could train and coach Salespersons on many aspects. (eg : to reel out text-book terms & catchy phrases). When hiring - you may want check if they are able to display the following attitude/behavior :

  1. Connect with people / prospective customers in normal daily interaction - not just about the smile & celebratory talk during selfie moments!

  2. An innate urge to help prospective Customers through buying is essential... your Salesperson doesn't give the best when thinking that he/she is all about deploying the levers made available to them on a visibly prominent tray (helps to know how to use his/her own abilities to help Customer in going to the next stage of buying)

  3. How does the Salesperson handle grey areas of decision making, mixed signals and lack of options? That's precisely the everyday situation & requirement in most prospect engagement.

  4. Look for a Salesperson who will infuse enthusiasm & emotion into their engagement - internally & externally. Whether you have a good sales season or a lean period of sales, the Salesperson needs to be a good friend in the team. Else, you dont need to hire a person - there are automated BOTs, AI tools & plenty of virtual experiences which can be created to undertake several parts of the expectation.

  5. Check for genuine expression & ability to improvise in any area of personal zeal - during any form of presentation, despite interruption of opposite interests.

We will look at other aspects of desire & demeanor / comportment, in the next one!

(SBS Dimensions - India)

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