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25 Areas of Concern in Sales Management

It is easy to characterize the insecurities of Salesperson.. lesser discussed are that of Sales Management which beset professionals in their work & businesses in results :

  1. Loss of business which is not accounted/recorded/identified

  2. What & who exactly secured the business, that which did come through

  3. Veracity of data-info being given/projected

  4. Actionable items to work with priority in Sales Execution

  5. Influences/parameters which are not being pursued in Customer Engagement

  6. Getting Salespersons to use right messages & delivering them as needed in every opportunity

  7. What is holding back your Salespersons from deploying their best

  8. Getting Salesperson to take active decisions/initiatives to influence Customer decision-making

  9. Engage Salespersons that are able to deliver again & again, with recurring results

  10. Bringing more Prospects of similar profile as Customers who are already identified/committed

  11. Build skills/capabilities in Salesperson to achieve the pricing & positioning as planned

  12. Specific input on advertising/promotion effort to draw returns/efficiency

  13. How to increase Sales Efficiency from the team to predictable plans

  14. Efforts & energies which create better Customer Experience to sustain sales velocity

  15. Reviews of Sales Opportunities which can be managed to increase performance

  16. Are Salespersons Selling or vending & what parts of that Sales Engine can be automated

  17. How to craft Customer expectation/requirement to match offerings & vice-versa

  18. What would another Sales Leader do, in this place

  19. View on Competitor action plan (reports/websites/portals/studies dont give much!)

  20. Are you getting real learnings from opportunities lost or weakened

  21. What is the "quickest and easiest way to increase revenues without spending a lot" - seriously everyone's question

  22. Building the Sales rhythm which doesn’t need constant minute monitoring

  23. Lack of visibility in all that is happening through Sales Execution despite Sales systems & tools

  24. Sales conviction not getting propagated or shared by everyone

  25. Is there any reference to benchmark, audit, validate & if Sales be calibrated to desired results

Most of them are addressable and have origins in a different scope which needs to be accomplished as part of business development.

It is important to deal with all of them– to ensure that Sales Engine is managed, with planned objectives.

(Sanjaya Hasthak)


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