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Customer Experience - Sales Experience?

Customer Experience & Sales Experience is not just about the hospitality being displayed!

Hot coffee, softer cushion & a louder greeting dont make up for product banality!

You could really excuse many companies who think that Customer Experience is all about hospitality services! So, you will see that these businesses tend to spruce up the reception, provide some sort of a lounge, use the word "exclusive" in their communication, make some fashionable association or give gifts of sorts.... After all, customers do warm up to such things and one gets a bit of thumbs-up in the social media output!

How much did all of that hospitality really make a difference in the actual sales or it just made the feel-good a bit more easy to talk about? And how do you actually weigh it?

Here is a metric which can be adopted for measuring Sales Experience : prospects engaged by the Sales team that dont end up buying in a certain period of time - but, shall make specific references & recommend prospective customers to Sales...

And, doing something just because someone else did it - that which you cant measure or track results - doesn't add value to customer or to business!


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