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SALES ROASTERY for Your Business Smörgåsbord

Great coffee doesn’t come about by keeping them within a cardboard box filled with hay, in a quiet corner!

So it is, for Salespersons.


Slow-roasting results in some of the best cooked meaty delicacies you have tasted!

So it is, for a Sales Engine.


Politicians get roasted for not being able to execute their election manifesto!

So it is, with Sales Results.


Typically, your veggies are not uniformly rendered in a roasty-mix preparation!

So it is, for your Sales Organisation.


Every roast has a unique & defining aroma with flavour to experience!

So it is, with your Sales Character.


Roasties are best presented amongst delicate cuts, appealing slices, aromatic seasoning & served with an aperitif!

So it is, with any Sales Experience.

HIGH-VALUE Sales Engine DESIGN & EXECUTION Performance Consulting :

  • Craft your Sales Organisation, Sales Plans & Sales Operations for your specific Sales Objectives

  • Handhold Journey of Success in Sales Goals by Engineering Sales Performance, in its details

Sanjaya Hasthak

(SBS Dimensions – India)


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