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Digital Freedom - with Smart Homes

Digital Freedom - Characteristic of Smart Homes Using Residential IoT Platform Solutions :

1. You should be able to Google and get large number of posts/links with only small percentage of them from the Vendor... Rest of hits should be from a wide variety of people - integrators, users, VARs, reviewers etc...

2. You should get good number of videos showing variety of things about solution/technology/items being talked about - across YouTube and others (like, on portals of many of them mentioned above)

3. You should be able to join into User Groups / Forums from all over (Worldwide) easily and completely Free of any Charges/Fees

4. Days of charging any incremental money for upgrades subscription usage revision developments firmware updates patches or such inputs - however small or big - is passe! Those days are gone & over… it is history!

5. All developments & its Connected Ecosystem is ALWAYS Global and links across large number of Developers Brands Companies Applications Devices - old & new

That's right - it should be growing for entire digital world & connect with GLOBALLY available systems-technologies-entities alongwith Integration to majority of upcoming landscape of evolving products / solutions of Consumer use, around the world!


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