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  • Sanjaya Hasthak

Face Disagreement & Take It In Your Stride

This is the new reality; Anywhere you look and whichever way you put it! Accept the difference and start feeling good about it.

Its nice to say you are working to bring consensus and bring uniformity of thought... But, in reality, this is rarely achieved in spirit and action! So should you drum the flag of harmony even more when you know it is not yielding enough? Any amount of your argument and righty points will not make it work. Optimism sometimes aside!

The extent to which this can be played for the benefit of a good decision-making depends on what kind of team and business you are in.

But, if you are not resolutely and sincerely after the objectives being pursued - you are not likely to hold this requirement strong enough to manage the pressures. Check it out.

Don't fall into the trap of taking the easy route out - claiming the homogenous, popular and accepted path because -

  • It just does not force you to put more time and involvement in making this work

  • It just does not make you take hard decisions which leads to other corollary discussion

  • It just is diplomatic giving some brownie points and political rightness to claim

Its not going to be easy... start slow and you will see the benefits. Don't push yourself for the sake of standing aside and to think differently. Be aware of how the decisions have come about & what it will lead to.

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