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1. “We are unique”

(Yes, of course! But, Customer is NOT interested in your feel-good statements & the only concern is to knowing value/deliverables they acquire. Also, being mindful of what that means to paying-for!)

2. “We are focussed on good quality & no compromises in delivery”

(Have you ever heard of anyone sell by claiming that they are NOT carrying those virtues?)

3. “Integrity & honesty are key pillars of our value system”

(Like, there is a choice which is adopted by Customers? Like, others work with options in that??)

4. “Trust me, we are different & not like others in the industry”

(In what angle is that a value proposition to Customer & how should they benefit from it?)

5. “We have like-minded Customers; ‘Exclusive & Luxury’ are hallmarks of our offering”

(What is “like-minded” & how? Pray, explain the impossible! “Exclusivity’ ceases to be one, when it is traded like a commodity. “Luxury” value is NOT because it is advertised so & repeatedly claimed!)

Contact Sanjaya Hasthak for SALES Audit/Assess-Benchmark-Calibrate-Validate services to your business.

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