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Realities of Sales Performance for Business Leadership - Assessment of Sales Managers & Salespersons

  1. Setting generalised KPIs / review metrics for Sales Teams & if NOT tuned specifically to different components of specific Sales Engine, can be COUNTER-PRODUCTIVE

  2. Conducting regular formal-informal reviews is important to establish the Sales Roles + Sales Results of each person & team in Sales Engine, with unbiased rigor

  3. All informal & formal discussion on every update/review of deliverables may be part of plan to achieve KPIs / Results being sought (That level of adherence is essential when business organisation is not yet evolved with Sales Practices being established)

  4. Sales Manager who isn’t trained to 'manage' can reduce Sales Effectiveness & negatively impact Sales Engine – with incorrect projection of information into Sales Operations (

  5. Sales Engine is ONLY as productive as how Sales & Business Development Teams are designed / directed to perform (high churn of Salespersons & frequently revamping Sales Engine composition can increase cost of Customer acquisition significantly with very little residual benefit to Sales Organization)

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