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Sales Energies & Evolving Business Realities

There is a lot of learned opinion on the paradigms of a new business structure with well-grounded realities, that all of us need to be mindful of.

For products/services that are commoditized or abundantly available – this situation will increasingly expose them to forces of technology driven buying and the many dimensions of online marketplaces. Yes, there are large number of businesses/individuals who have shied to fully embrace the variety of tools / solutions / enablers & platforms that are already in play. This, despite such transactions already having established immense value to early adopters.

This will entail several benefits and transformation of business societies in waves which was only being alluded to, hitherto.

However, such larger adoption of technology enabled procurement / e-commerce / digital marketing - is unlikely to result in radical alteration of the buying cycle, with everything else. It does influence possible intervention of new businesses & mechanisms in some parts of that sales-cycle, where it can be industrialized. If anything, this situation will reinforce conventional buying behaviour and likely to exhibit ultra-conservative approaches aided by a wide variety of intelligent systems. A large number of businesses will have no option but to take advantage of disruptive & innovative mechanisms to sell effectively!

Following will significantly impact the design & roll-out of sales engine :

  1. The individual drivers of selling cycle will have to get sharpened/re-aligned to specific buying stages of each opportunity instance. Otherwise - you may not cut through the ‘buying inertia’, anymore!

  2. The radical business engineers shall keep pushing adoption of products-services in newer & easier ways while the innovators shall keep introducing offerings that create new ‘avenues for revenues’. Thus creating plenty of opportunities with sufficient value proposition across the entire marketplace.

  3. The government machinery is likely to gain greater foothold into business ecosystem with definitive dependence by private organisations while ‘coming out of this morass’. This will be a huge boost for markets in the short-term and leads to finding the right fit (or, fix!) in your go-to-market options.

  4. Ironically enough (eminently being witnessed in dealing with the pandemic) – redefined global collaboration will be witnessed and shall continue to open up ‘numerous value chain opportunities’ for the discernible sellers.

  5. Specialized supply chain execution with focus on environment will be developed to provide lean arrangements, locally.

Hence, a careful assessment of business priorities & customer-connect through all that you are taking to customers - should help maintaining relevance, in times to come.


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