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SALES HIRING - PORTFOLIO (Talent Acquisition & more...)

Sales Leadership & Sales Management - (snippets of Sales Hiring!)

* Help Salespersons & Sales Portfolio teams to succeed in their Roles.

* Create & roll-out detailed/individual Plans alongwith clearly defined Results for achieving their objectives in the specific Roles.

* Dont waste too much effort, time & money in searching to get the 'perfect-best' persons for Roles in your Sales Teams...

Instead, nurture ambitious & desirous skilled individuals to reach their goals, towards planned business Results.

"High-Value Sales Engine Design & Execution Performance Consulting"

SALES ABCV service (Audit/Assess-Benchmark,-Calibrate-Validate) to achieve Sales Success with your Sales Teams & Sales Management.

Sanjaya Hasthak -

(SBS Dimensions - India)


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