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Sales - Questions for Success

Ask these Questions, in all honesty. Be wary of self deception!

  1. What is the value proposition discussion? How is it getting shaped & accepted?

  2. What is it’s impact on pricing & field sales finalisation? How does the Salesforce evangelize and ooze the essence of business?

  3. What is the pricing uptake? Is it affecting the sales/revenues at all? How is it impacting positioning & closures? Are the brand offerings getting desired value? How to manage complexity for customers to make decisions? Are sales-channels aligned with business objectives and customer acquisition requirements?

  4. What are the objections & issues being faced for successful conclusion in sales? How is it getting addressed-negotiated? Is the prospective customer able to make the buy and the salesperson able to hold-finalise the sale?

  5. How to identify & build unique sale opportunities? Is the sales review on right parameters to push? Is the pipeline of business getting nourished across stages? How is the business being benchmarked & validated with new sales?

  6. Which parts of the Sales & BD are doing well? Where would a leverage exist to multiply the results?

  7. Are sales & marketing teams effectively deployed for increasing the success of prospect-customers? What are the leads & efforts contributing to customer success?

  8. Selling or vending? Winning or taking the leftovers? Are the necessary-key levers in building the revenue base, getting established?

  9. Is the prospect-customer related communication-touchpoints-experience calibrated for required outcome?

  10. Where are the opportunity-zones and which long term prospect-development efforts are to be nourished? Where and how is the digital transformation being harnessed for sales support? Are all the boxes getting ticked?

Connect the various parts and make them all work for you.

Tools & systems can help you to record and analyse the facts. Getting into the details of the above, individually & addressing them separately, will enhance your success.

SBS Dimensions - India


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