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The Myth of Commitment at Work

"Are you committed enough?"

How often have you been posed with this line? People may use it to hide their inability to articulate or escape from not having enough justifiable reasons in their premise.

It helps if people are committed to themselves - first and foremost. Committed to their own objectives and agenda. Committed to their own success, in the journey each person is making - with the company.

If you are not carving a path for your own objectives to be achieved and if you don't give a shape to your own success requirements - what commitment can one expect with an 'amorphous' entity called the Company?

Commitment is neither one-way nor 2-ways!

Such equation is over-simplification and making it trivial. Most often, it is about a marriage of one's own abilities and methods adopted to collectively achieve the results being sought.

And, commitment at work should be about addressing this all-round balance and not become a vague theme.


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