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Top10 Characteristics of Making Smart Homes - Real

A Service Provider's Guide to Enabling Digital Living Experiences For Consumer Families Using Residential IoT Solutions / Platforms

Implementation of Smart Homes; Not Just Supply & Installation!

1. Buying & activating a few isolated devices which are ‘Smart’ doesn’t make a Smart Home

2. Our Customers require detailed (yes – detailed) implementation of the Smart Home Setup, although they don’t necessarily get involved into it! The entire landscape of devices & their application have to be personalised in its working - for functional requirements of every living space in the home, to all its users

3. All the Users need to be able to make best use of entire setup & all their possibilities - with an easy & robust interface/mechanism; This requires a lot of patience and individual connect established, to be able to maximise the expectation from their Smart Home Setup

4. Families include members who may not use Smartphones, Voice Assistants, KeyPads & Display Panels… Domestic help teams & service staff are the routine users of many device applications in our Customer homes, which require access to be simple & with ease; Many of them may change jobs or get restricted access, which needs to be made a part of the implementation profile

5. Managing user profiles and system setup administration (technical & operational) is most usually an integral part of the services provided to our Customers in their Smart Home Setup

6. Orientation, familiarisation & assistance for using the entire network of components working in the Smart Home Setup is essential for user families and they are not exactly classroom training sessions

7. Addressing teething issues of the larger Smart Home Setup – directly connected to this network or getting impacted by its operation (and, not just directly relating to the products supplied) – is essential

8. It will be essential to proactively seek & recommend if any amendments/changes to the implementation of Smart Home applications can make it more effective, once the users get settled into comfortably depending on their entire setup…

9. Similarly – Customers expect us to inform, align, procure and include any developments / innovations that come reliably in the market – which will be of value to the existing setup & their applications

10. Our Customers are pretty Smart and Tech Enabled; They would certainly like for the younger generation in their families to get on top of all the latest developments/trends in the world of residential IoT Solutions & Intelligent Consumer Technology offerings, globally; Such an adaption of our services & a meaningful direction in our engagement with Customers will be of good value to them

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