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Why & How did the Sale Happen?

We have always seen this being done perfunctorily, if entertained!

Oftentimes people try to pluck and pin on a sale not-happened. But, that is a separate discussion.

Did you just tell your boss why and how the sale got concluded - in easy story and of a flow which was predictably as per the formula?

Did the boss just like the whole idea and it created someone as a star and the boss likes this one or another set of reasons on how it all worked out?

That's great. But, did it yield you anything which can be replicated or did it just endorse the game plan which your boss wanted to be perpetuated?

How often have you worked the premise as a success around the customer?

Have you thought of why the customer did not buy the other offerings and did the customer have difficulties in making that leap of faith with you?

Did you and the management representatives make the visit to the customer after the sale agreements are drawn up - to have a coffee and shake hands with more people there and to tend to all the bridges there which were not very apparent through the earlier cycle?

Ask yourself if you have gone through this rigmarole and it may not always be easy, but it is lasting and satisfying.

SBS Dimensions - India


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