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Working with Youngsters & Bridging the Gap

We are living with many young and competent individuals, everywhere and at all times - be it in the workplace, at our social engagement locations and at our homes too. It is important to recognise that there is a huge gap in how the world is being seen and addressed by each one of these generations. The fact that this 'generation' is getting contracted in its chronological measure - is another topic altogether.

You take efforts to get greater connect across such groups of people - also because it is these youngsters who will continue and sustain to be relevant in evolving societies - whatever be the setting or the platform of discussion. I may be any much right & effective or loud in my worldview, but if am not able to get adapted by the younger generations in their own devices of living - stepping aside is written all over me!

And we either don't see the difficulty of such an expectation or struggle to make amends in reaching the inevitable

  1. Find people whom you can trust to be sensitive to the things you care most and just don't push it beyond that sensitivity awareness

  2. Start letting them to take decisions and stay away from the details as they have to grapple with the operational matters

  3. Don't jump into judging the outcome or rush to provide a fix and salvage your priorities - distance yourself after having set the journey

  4. Don't try to doctor the objectives or measure the results

  5. Start seeing the new system or the altered environ because your paths are definitely going to change and the ecosystem will be differently shaped - do you remember the adage which asks you to see the good in everything?

  6. Seek what is your role in the new and continue to push the boundaries of operating zones.. that way you are still participating in creating the world around you and involved in its growth. This doesn't mean going back to what you gave up but to create new pastures and to hand it over in turn

  7. Don't fret if you see not much role and return in engagement with everything

  8. Occupy yourself in learning the new world's afflictions - as a practice and not when it is pushed on you

  9. There is no need to impress or excel in any of these matters as long as you are continuously moving on; The imperativeness of transiency is nothing to fear about and is best to be prepared for

  10. Do keep asking to learn and question the choices for positively reinforcing their choices

You will be amazed at the simple & honest approach by the young and with meaningful deliberation - if you have the mindset to accepting it without attaching your own biases and xenophobic tendencies.

None of the next is bothered even in the least to be judgemental about the previous or is trying to be disrespectful about the established past; Just doesn't care and has no time for lingering in it; Rightly so.


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