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Residential IoT Solutions - Smart Homes of the New Generation

It is such a fragmented and loosely represented market of offerings...

Here are a 10 pointers to help you make the fit, as a Customer :

1. A simple #Google search on anything you hear or read about them (or its technology) should get thousands & more of results - not necessarily from that vendor's website!

2. #YouTube should get you a large number of videos on how and what about it.... again, not just from a vendor's post!

3. A large number of user groups/forums in the public domain alongwith an active ecosystem of developers, brands, tech-makers, accessories and manufacturers

4. An actively evolving framework - with continuous developments & innovative addition

5. You shouldn't be limited to a specialised & restricted set of people who can install/implement/support... any local technician or experienced user from anywhere - should be able to do it...

6. You should have the ability to get inputs, plugins and help from a multitude of persons from around the globe (literally, so) - in many aspects of its lifecycle of use with consumer

7. You should have the choice to buy products from many vendors/brands in the space - without being tied up...

8. Mostly - all the above should be freely and openly possible without having to pay subscription or get into a closed group of 'specialists' who have been doing it for ages now!

9. That means, these solutions & products did not exist a few years ago! And, so - if it was existing 10 years ago and if you can see a pedigree in it - it is a legacy system with historic antecedents and hence is masquerading to don the robes of an IoT chapter!

10. It should have the ability to get integrated into the many likes of #IFTTT services & such... with several product makers around the world building skills/solutions which can incorporate it.... and #Amazon, #Google, #Apple should be actively supporting voice enablement with dedicated skills/routines.... and, you should be able to see-it / buy-it on #Amazon and many other portals from around the world....

And if any one of the above items dont fit in - you should think 10 times before putting money into it!

SBS Dimensions - India


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