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Are These Your Salesperson Characteristics? What is Driving them?

Here are some 'essential-salesperson' characteristics which we attribute to most people in that role -

  • Gets bored with the same-same and ready to go to lengths in seeking new pastures

  • Desperate to see success in each engagement and keen to do it in their own way, all over again

  • Is quite restless, knowing how every situation is so different and there is nothing which guarantees outcome in the same way as an earlier case

  • Strong beliefs & not one to get swayed easily (it should hold good for internal messaging also, then; You wont be able to make them your ambassadors just by rolling out a ppt/xls)

  • Desirous of making connects & relationships with people across teams on purpose

  • Experiments with people & diplomatic enough to manoeuvre for results

  • Addicted to by-products of sales-cycle and actually using them as fodder for new sales (not referring to the smokescreens & accoutrements that are more talked of, in awe of such salespersons – like cars, coffee, parties & dresses)

  • Can rationalise any situation to help move-on and to seek explanation

  • Can swing between emotional & logical arguments – as needed by the occasion & the customer positioning (finds own happiness with any such direction)

  • At some point, starts thinking he/she can take care of everything for the customer & starts looking for purpose in their profession

And, so - it is imminent upon the sales leadership to moderate all this within the organization and its many resultant situations.

One might very well say that - there is an undercurrent of strong need by a Salesperson - to gain acceptance, to seek ego endorsement, to yearn for emotional highs, to take-on the fear of failure squarely and continually extract ways to not-lose.

Because, selling is like fuelling oneself and its a severe addiction!

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