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Accepting Rejection in Sales

For the longest time, it has been considered 'not-macho' to accept loss of a sales opportunity...

It has also been driven into a salesperson's conviction that you are somewhat not-good, incapable or less-of-a-salesman if you happen to acknowledge 'not-winning'...

Proof : look at the majority of reports from your Sales MIS where the reason for losing sales or not being able to convert a sales opportunity - is 'blamed' on Customer decision-making!

Sales is also the result of buying experience. Those that have had no direct experience in Selling have traditionally associated it with showmanship and hence it becomes difficult for salesperson to report the lack of, especially to a Manager who totally extols that narrative!

Let it go. There is plenty to Sell.

The world of prospects is huge.

So much to do with the world of customers that it is beneficial to accept and move on... It is perhaps easier to take that in stride and rationalise - in Marketing & SalesOps teams... Sales is more personalised (because of the direct interaction with prospective customers) and hence it takes a while to get used to not being able to sell everytime!


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