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Consumer & Technology - The Undeniable Impact of Devices/Applications in Our Living Spaces

The undeniable impact of technology devices/applications in our living spaces is prominent - with all the technology platforms & service-frameworks being developed with commercial viability!

It is a myth to think that User / Customer is insulated by how Technology is implemented - in devices/applications being used... Customer is hugely affected but seldom does have the time & resources to assess that!

Today's generation of Smart Homes with residential IoT solutions should facilitate users to benefit from the burgeoning technological developments - which are coming through, rapid and in hordes!

So, do you get to benefit from the many products which can get included or integrated under the (rather, wide!) umbrella of platforms-services of IFTTT, ioBroker, openHAB, HomeAssistant, NodeRED etc... not to mention the growing prevalence of Samsung SmartThings, AWS IoT, Google Home, Apple Homekit, Android Things, HomeGenie, Homify...

These technology offerings provide amazing possibilities to experience in our living spaces... Have you taken stock of all the things that you use daily - driven & enabled by the very latest of technological developments - which we dont even anticipate to possess, just a year prior?!


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