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Digital Luxury - Characteristic of Smart Homes using Residential IoT Platform Solutions

Smart Homes or that setup (usually loosely termed & misquoted as ‘home automation’) should give you immense choice. Does it?

Today’s world of technology is all about enabling amazing possibilities and opening a large number of applications in your living spaces, as and when they are getting launched – rapidly, too!

It is all about being exposed to technologies that let you experience the wonderful world of innovative solutions that are redefining consumerism in the global society.

Or, are you still ensconced in the old world of technical limitations that feels numbly good, just because thats how it has been since the time of dinosaurs…😉

The older generation of home automation is akin to keeping gold at home and buying a few grams of it every year, to feel good. Infact, you cant go wrong and there isn’t anything fundamentally wrong in buying gold, either!!😁🤔 Really?


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