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Don’t Estimate your Customer! Help Customer to Make the Right Estimation of Offerings being Sold.

Just don’t do it! Not in any way… there are no excuses to indulge in that.

Lets take the very common line – “don’t under-estimate”.

It is simply not relevant, in that sense.

At best – it is only a form of leaving assumptions open, unresolved expectation or dis-harmonized information.

So, don’t do that.

It is important to educate/inform/prepare your Customer for what you offer/sell!

So, in that sense – don’t assume that the Customer already knows what you were selling and all about it – or, in the way that you want the offering to be presented.

The point is to attune the Customer to what you would like them to retain/remember/connect/associate/recall – in what you are Selling.

In the information-rich world, Customers may come with certain amount of the following :

· Some parts of understanding & other parts of assumption

· Expectation & referenced information

· Carried input from any/many sources

Your messaging & positioning needs to aim at baselining that information to the requirement (which also means you may need to understand the needs to some extent) and also ensure that certain amount of active information points-references need to be established for retention-propagation.

These are not to be left for a Customer to walk-away with loose/un-structured messaging that they form their own set of positioning which is not directly seeded by yourself,

Now it is easy to explain “don’t over-estimate”!

This is another form of under-estimation! Simply because you are estimating or making judgements.

It is uncalled for, any which way. Also, doesn’t matter – if you are right or wrong about it.

We are not working Customers as if their buying is like dealing with train or flight timings, to make estimation/judgement/sizing of that sort….

So – your messaging & positioning exercises are only about helping the Customer to estimate ‘your’ offerings, just as you need it to be.


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