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Sales & Revenues - The Link : Misused & Misconstrued...

Sales is responsible for Customer acquisition and as a Result, leads to Revenue generation.

Selling is all about Prospect / Customer Engagement and executing Business Development plans.

That said, there are composite expectations from every Salesperson.

You will notice an overarching tendency to immediately connect Revenue to Sales with an one-to-one relationship (which, it is NOT) - in many cases, to get that seemingly exalted attention, in a matter of expression! In that journey, Revenue is one of the many Sales-derived parameters with target indicators that will need to managed.

Salespersons less influenced by issues of self esteem and functional security in the organisation - are largely concerned with Customer Success, more than any other indirect achievement.

The Salesperson certainly has a big responsibility of negotiating/orchestrating plans for Pricing, Receivables, scope/expectation, volume of sales, timelines/velocity, repeatability and endorsements!

There are indeed a number of successful Sales Managers & SalesOps professionals, who are not necessarily the best salespersons and also may not have a background in Sales! It is that team effort which will contribute immensely to developing the multiple results of Sales/Selling into robust outcomes for the business, which guarantees Revenue alongwith the many desired attributes of Customer Experience.


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