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Digital Choice : Characteristic of Smart Homes using Residential IoT Solutions

The world of residential IoT solutions give you a good degree of operational & technical choice in making the Smart Home setup.

It is important to choose an appropriate technology architecture which is designed/built for residential applications. In the current generation of such solutions, it is not just technology which impacts the 'Choice' and its user offerings. The reach of such companies which make these platforms along-with its alliances & the adoption of software/firmware which has been implemented in deploying the devices - makes a huge impact on your 'Choice'.

1. Since lights constitute a good half of all that we experience & control regularly at home –

a. you should be able to put lights of your choicenow and later, too (just about anytime!)

b. you should be able to bring any of the lights from anywhere and get it controlled - managed-monitored-automated as with anything else

2. You should be able to put into good use – any fixtures/fittings as per your functional needs and get them from any vendor with any design of your aesthetic choice

3. You should be able to put in switches/panels/buttons/keypads/switch-boards of choice... there are plenty of them getting designed and being sold in retail…

4. All of your devices & their applications should be dictated only by your aesthetic/design requirement & functional needs, which may keep changing with time, as well

5. Your lighting and power connections should be able to cater to the expanding needs, with the huge number of consumer technology devices being brought out, for our everyday use

6. A large number of sensors and several innovative new devices, with practical use in our lives, are getting launched every year... these should be brought into the network of Smart Home setup in a seamless connect

7. We have already started seeing a good number of Smart Appliances (really intelligent & not just branded as ‘Smart’!) being brought into retail for consumer use; We will see a huge growth in the appliances & related devices getting into our living spaces very soon; They are quintessentially in the realm of residential IoT and are as such connected through IP and a majority of them will be ‘Cloud’ based. Hence, having a good WiFi-Internet network at home is important

8. You should be able to include-integrate these Smart appliances/devices onto the platform of Smart Home setup, being able to get them all working intelligently and increase the functional use of your living spaces. It also means that the entire families of these Smart Appliances & device setup shall get more and more dependent on the connected software ecosystem

9. The world of plugins & firmware/software upgrades for such IoT devices shall become critical to keep pace with the growing capabilities & increased expectations of intelligent users…

10. You should be able to get a good number of diverse & competing service providers in your neighbourhood, to install-implement-support-manage-enhance your Smart Home setup using globally recognised standard residential IoT technologies… the product solutions coming from these technologies cannot be confined to one set of people and accessible only from within their own group of availability

11. Similarly - for all the modules, devices, sensors & such other components of the Smart Home network, you should be able to get different vendors from around the world - all operating & integrated on standard technology platforms... You should also be able to source them with options - in form factor, to suit your aesthetic & functional needs at home

12. You should not be hassled by wiring/cabling issues & that too from any specific limited option/technology of wiring… Instead, you should be able to make all your cabling & wiring as per requirements of light/device groups and switchboard arrangements – with complete liberty to use standard available wiring diagrams/layouts for easy execution

You could actually enumerate an unending list of items advocating Smart Homes using residential IoT platform solutions with the new technologies being designed for homes, specifically.

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