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Sales Leadership & Business Stages

Sales Leadership is DIFFERENT - during diverse SALES STRATEGY requirement, at various stages of the business :

  • Recession/Slowdown/Distress/Turbulence

  • Scaling/Ambitious/High-Growth

  • Startup/Early/Seeding

  • Silent/Hibernating/Stabilizing

Contrary to popular perception - these phases may NOT make much difference in execution of Sales - to Salespersons & Sales Managers!

And, that operational resilience is helpful to Customers & the business organization, as well.

However, Sales Leadership (with the onus of such strategy & its operational rollout) will not have it easy, to ride-through this transition - during & after each stage!

Sales Engine Design & Execution Consulting, for your Success.

SBS Dimensions - India

(Sanjaya Hasthak)


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