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Common MYTHs of High-Value Sales Engine Design & Execution

1. Increase sales, get higher prices for offerings & be able to scale their projects with more customers – by keeping status quo on everything about people, business operations & the offerings 🙃

2. Change can be brought about quickly with little pain in adoption 🙃

3. Brochures, hoardings, videos, ad campaigns with nice-feel-good messaging to increase Customer affinity & finalise sales despite any inefficiency of direct engagement 🙃

4. Hospitality is the hallmark of Sales experience 🙃

5. Feedback comments & words/sound-bites obtained at the end of sales-cycle reflect Customer Experience 🙃

All the above are MYTHs & are far-far from reality!

Sales Engine Design & Execution Consulting : Engineered for your Sales & Marketing Success.

(Sanjaya Hasthak)

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