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Proposition, Positioning & Differentiation - The Triangle of Sales

These key areas of Sales are made of prominent characteristics which can make a huge difference to Selling.

Proposition :

  • Provides clarity on what your Customer is Buying & what are they paying for

  • How much to commit

  • What does the Customer get, which can be measured/valued/assessed

Positioning :

  • Decides the pricing band - impacts sales cycle - influences sales velocity

  • Is borne of the Vision & Mission in the business/project of offering

Differentiation :

  • Feeds to hold the Pricing (aka Positioning)

  • Differentiation is a journey and starts dissipating in its value-to-the-Seller, soon as it is demonstrated

  • Differentiation is in the Selling and may be distinctly witnessed by Buyer, keen to pay for their needs to-be addressed, resulting thereof

A lot of selling organizations & salespersons dilute their efforts (waste time-money) if these offerings are not devised specifically in how they influence Buying.


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