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Sales DDx (Differential Diagnosis) : Sales Engine & Management - Competition, Comparison & Selling

Podcast : Differential Diagnosis on the most commonly occurring problems, dilemmas, issues, concerns, observation in your Sales Engine

Each week, we take up one question or occurrence and give you the top 5 possibilities to address that. You can call them pointers, clues or view-points, to manage the 'theme' of that week.

Today’s theme is a question which I get very often from most Business Owners, Sales Managers and Salespersons.

“Our Customers are asking for comparison and pointers on how we are better than competitors; We have a better story than competition and still Customer is pushing for lesser price; How is it possible?”

So, lets hear the Differential Diagnosis (DDX) on that : (from any of the podcast streaming platforms, below)

Remember, you may need to follow-through several or all of the above options & paths.

Also, this outlook is generic and witnessed across majority of businesses, most of the time…

You can always let us know of specific instances or exceptions and any interesting experiences to be quoted in future episodes!

Reach us on our website and/or on any of the social media connects.

Have a good day and happy selling!


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