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Diagnosis & Discovery of Sales Efforts / Sales Experience as a Value-Add for Business

Most Sales Engines operate on the presumption of Offerings being directly taken as 'obviously'-stated Value Proposition and, thus somehow render seamlessly into Customer journey!

Assessing how & what (if, at all) has Salesperson enunciated or added to the Customer Experience of Buying/Selling can be very revealing!

Surprisingly, in a large number of brick & mortar companies, the specific Salespersons & pertinent Sales Experience (resulting directly from his/her Selling) - creates MINIMAL impact to volumes sold, pricing derived & velocity of sales witnessed – as compared to what it would have been in the COMPLETE absence of that particular Salesperson in/of the said Sales Experience thus valued!

Hence, it is only fair to evaluate – what an ‘engaged Salesperson & qualified Sales Experience’ should/could have made a significant/discernible difference in those results being achieved.

The vast majority of businesses are unable to measure such effects and also not in a position to validate this expense/investment. (For any number of reasons – and, more than 70% of them are similar across instances). So, don’t despair – you are never alone in this journey of Selling!!).

In a significant & noticeably large set of mid-sized Organizations, there is prevalence of an unconscious bias for the status quo, resulting from an assumptive-convenience syndrome.

This usually happens when feasibility of an alternative/option is less likely or difficult to exercise.

The pseudo-comfort with Salespersons / SalesOrgs is that - it's better to deal with known gaps & existing experiences than to deploy uncertain/unfamiliar people (would have been ok, if that was helping in anyway to desired results!)

It takes a lot of effort/commitment to break the inertia of having to deal with a system of Sales/persons which are already working to whatever extent that is – than to mend it and introduce risk, while it is not broken yet!

Indeed, definitive ambition (with characteristic determination) and certain established tools/technologies/systems can help you to bridge the chasm or achieve… …

BTW, a common trap in this journey of Sales development - is to pump a lot of money into loud marketing & flashy/fashionable promotions – to make up for passive or mundane Sales Experience, otherwise!

(Sanjaya Hasthak)


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